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Drivers for Innovation in China

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This ICDK analysis “Drivers for Innovation in China – R&D and Consumer Driven Innovation” is made for Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai. The main focuses for the analysis are drivers for innovation in China, including the increasing investment in R&D and consumer driven innovation and trends.
: September 07, 2016
: 978-87-93468-14-6
: 2016

The Chinese model is characterized by willingness to go directly from development to manufacturing and shipping products. Innovation in China is primarily driven by the market and innovation from Chinese companies is characterized by the needs and desires of consumers such as higher quality products and new technologies but also on the governments and companies investments in R&D and innovation.

The ICDK analysis “Drivers for Innovation in China – R&D and Consumer Driven Innovation provides the reader with an insight in drivers for innovation within the following five areas:

  • The mobile & smart living of the Chinese consumer
  • Food quality, Safety & Healthy Foods
  • Patient Centric & Value-adding Health Care Solutions
  • China’s Response to Pollution & Climate Change
  • Striving for Knowledge Excellence

The analysis is targeting both Danish companies, researchers, authorities and everybody else, who are curious about what stimulates innovation in China today. Furthermore, the reader can gain knowledge about innovation trends and possibilities for Danish interests.

The publication is in English with a summary in Danish.

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