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Mapping of Chinese R&D Networks

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This Analysis from the Danish Innovation Centre in Shanghai, China provides a mapping of current development and activities in the Chinese R&D that corresponds with the focus of the Danish Innovation Networks within 22 specific sectors.
: February 29, 2016
: 978-87-93151-97-0

This report sets out to examine the Chinese landscape of R&D and recent trends within Chinese R&D and scientific research in sectors of relevance to 22 Danish Innovation Networks. It provides an instant overview of points of interest and answers to key questions in each Network such as: What entities are the most active in R&D and academic research? Which cities have the highest concentration of knowledge? Lists of specific R&D topics and academic articles are also present in this report.

On the other level, the results highlight points of potential entry for Danish companies or institutions that are interested in identifying Chinese collaboration partners, potential customers, competitors, acquisition targets, or inspiration for new ideas, technologies, and applications.

The 22 specific sectors are:

  • Biomass
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biotech Brand Base
  • Climate Change Adaption
  • Energy technology
  • Environmental Technology
  • Financial IT
  • Food
  • Health & Welfare Technology
  • IT
  • Knowledge-based Experienced Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Light
  • Material
  • Offshore Energy
  • Production Robocluster
  • Service Platform
  • Sound
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Transport
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