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Evaluation of the Cluster Label System

ECEI (english version)
The consultingfirm Pluss has analyzed the Danish experiences with and benefits from the label system ECEI (gold, silver and bronze labels)
: Nov 21, 2017
: Pluss
: 2017
: 51

The evaluation shows that Danish clusters and innovationnetworks are overall positive to the cluster certification system, which they consider a relevant and useful tool for the development of the organization. They therefore support the continued use of the system. The evaluation also shows that the experienced benefits of the label system greatly varies depending on the clusters' own development stage.

The report gives 10 recommendations which can help develop the ECEI-system further. 

The results of the report are based on an in-depth questionnaire sent to 47 cluster and innovationnetwork organizations, as well as a series of interviews with Danish and international cluster actors.

last modified Nov 22, 2017