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The Danish Education System

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This publication provides an introduction to the Danish education system. Furthermore, it presents information about the Danish grading system, financing and education grants.
: Jan 12, 2022
: 978-87-93706-80-4
: 978-87-93706-81-1
: The Ministry of Higher Education and Science
: 2021

This booklet provides a brief introduction to the Danish education system – from primary school to higher education. In addition to this overview, it also describes the system of adult education and
training, the Danish grading scale, guidance, financing and education grants, quality assurance, etc. Furthermore, the booklet briefly introduces Denmark’s child-care system, which is not considered
part of the formal education system. Additionally, it will direct you to relevant sources for further reading. 

The booklet is written in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the Ministry of Children and Education and the Ministry of Culture.

To order a printed version of the publication, please contact the Danish Euroguidance Center at euroguidance@uds.dk.

last modified Jan 14, 2022