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The Danish RTO system

The Danish system of Research and Technology Organisations ("GTS institutes") are non-profit institutions that are operated as private companies with the aim of building and communicating technological competences to the Danish business community.

Seven GTS institutes

There are seven GTS institutes in Denmark. The GTS institutes are private non-profit institutions whose purpose is to generate technological competencies and services and make these available to the Danish business community on commercial terms. The institutes are officially approved as providers of Approved Technological Service ("Godkendt Teknologisk Service" in Danish, abbreviated "GTS") by the Minister of Higher Education and Science.

GTS institutes' performance contracts

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science conclude performance contracts with the GTS institutes through the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science. The performance contracts co-finance specific research and development activities at the GTS institutes with a view to knowledge building and the development of technological competencies and services for Danish companies. The services include:

  • Advanced and highly specialized technological advice
  • Commercial R&D tasks
  • RDI collaboration projects
  • Testing, demonstration, development and certification facilities and services
  • Specialized training
  • Standardisation activities

Facts about the GTS network

In 2020 the GTS institutes had a revenue of 3,5 billion DKK and served 16.108 unique private Danish customers of which 93 percent were small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). 314 million DKK was allocated for GTS activities on the Danish Finance Act. On average, the GTS institutes performance contracts amount to approximately 10 percent of GTS institutes' total revenue.

Which are the seven GTS institutes?

  • Alexandra Institute (information technology)
  • Bioneer (life science)
  • DFM (metrology)
  • DBI (fire and security technology)
  • DHI (water management)
  • Force Technology
  • The Danish Technological Institute

Ministerial Order and Administrative Guidelines on GTS:

Find more information on the Danish RTO system and the individual GTS institutes here:


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