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Knowledge transfer

Danish universities are actively engaged in knowledge transfer activities to promote commercial exploitation of public research inventions.

Commercial exploitation of inventions

Ownership of university inventions is governed by the Danish Act on Inventions at Public Research Institutions. This allows the universities to acquire, protect and exploit intellectual property created by their employees in the line of duty. For this purpose, all universities with patenting activities have established embedded knowledge transfer offices (KTOs). On behalf of the university, the KTO negotiates contracts on research collaboration and licensing with start-ups as well as established enterprises.

Model agreements

A toolbox of model agreements is available to facilitate negotiation of intellectual property issues in research collaboration between Danish universities and industry.

Evaluations and metrics

The efforts and progress in knowledge transfer is monitored on a regular basis. Evaluations and annual commercialization surveys are published primarily in Danish. Please consult the Danish version of the web site for more information on this.

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last modified June 23, 2024