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The Consultancy Services for Inventors

The first place to go for individual inventors

The Consultancy Services for Inventors provide advice for inventors in order to achieve successful commercialization of inventions, research and other commercially promising ideas to existing companies.

Who is the scheme for:

The target group include researchers, students, craftsmen, specialists and others who have made an invention, who own the rights to the invention and who intend to commercialize their invention through a licensing agreement with an existing company.

What does the service cover:

The consultancy services for inventors help clarify the potential of an invention and assess whether the invention may be:

  • Realized technically and commercially
  • Protected by patents, design protection or otherwise
  • Strengthened by the development of prototypes or other illustrations
  • Sold to an existing company via a licensing agreement

How to get started:

All inventors are offered basic counselling based on the web-based counselling tool "Inventor's 10 Steps" which has been developed specifically for the users of the service. In the event of particularly promising inventions, the inventor may be granted additional counselling. To achieve this, the invention is assessed by an external board in order to evaluate the commercial potential. If granted additional counselling, the inventor gains access to 150 hours of counselling.

Who to contact:

For further information and contact details please visit:

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last modified June 23, 2024