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Working principles

DFiR's work and advice are always based on three working principles: 1) A holistic approach 2) An international approach 3) An evidence-based approach

DFiR has identified three working principles, which the Council applies to all its projects and other working areas.

1. DFiR takes a holistic approach to its projects and advisory services, providing advice on research and innovation policies. Research and innovation policies should not be viewed separately, but as two sides of the same coin. For this reason, DFiR approaches projects and recommendations from both a research and innovation policy perspective.

2. DFiR takes an international approach to its projects and advisory services. Research and innovation do not take place in closed systems. Both elements are internationally oriented – and dependent. Therefore, analyses and advisory services must be approached in an international context.

3. DFiR’s analyses and advisory services must be based on evidence. The basis on which the Council gives its recommendations must be transparent, and the recommendations are based on analyses, data or evaluations. The Council is free to choose which subject areas or projects it considers necessary to pursue. Ministers, the Government or the Danish Parliament are also able to request advice from the Council within a specific field.

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last modified February 21, 2019