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Working principles

DFiR's work and advice are always based on three working principles: 1) Thoroughness 2) A holistic approach 3) An international perspective

DFiR bases its consulting, analysis, and reporting on three principles: thoroughness, a holistic approach, and an international perspective.

1. Thoroughness:

DFiR provides independent and expert advice on research, technology development, and innovation at a high level. This advice must be based on documentation, studies, analyses, or evaluations. DFiR incorporates existing analyses, statistics, and data along with the analyses it can conduct itself. The council may also use members' own insights and experiences in the analyses and assessments that underpin the council's statements and advice. Typically, DFiR will include various types of data and analyses to gather informed knowledge before advising on a particular area.

2. Holistic Approach:

DFiR advises on the framework conditions for Danish research and innovation. There is a need to strengthen coherence in the understanding of research and innovation. Therefore, the council treats all topics from a holistic perspective, focusing on the entire value chains rather than isolated snapshots of the research and innovation landscape. The council integrates both a research and innovation policy angle into its work.

3. International Perspective:

DFiR has a particular obligation to assess the challenges, needs, and positioning of Danish research and innovation in an international context. This is stipulated by the law on research advice that regulates DFiR. The quality of Danish research and innovation is defined and influenced by international developments. Framework conditions for research and innovation are increasingly international, and a narrow national perspective on issues can be limiting. Thus, an international approach is a fundamental principle in all aspects of DFiR's work.

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last modified June 23, 2024