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The background of e-grant

The story about developing e-grant

Purpose of e-grant

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science is constantly working on modernising the work processes. By simplifying and digitizing work processes, rules and procedures, its ambition is to free up resources for both external users and internally in the Ministry. The purpose of e-grant.dk is to make it easier for researchers and enterprises to apply for funding for research and innovation and for administering grants  once awarded. e-grant.dk was developed based on a user survey conducted across all the Danish universities as well as select knowledge institutions and enterprises. The survey showed a great need for reducing the administrative burdens on our users both through efforts for greater digitization and through the simplification of rules. The assessment was that generally thousands of user hours can be saved.

Initial experiences

After the initial application round (via e-grant) for The Danish Council of Independent Research, the Ministry sent out a user satisfaction survey to all our applicants. This was primarily done to have a basis for comparison between our old system (E-Application or 'electronic application') and the new system (e-grant). The key conclusions from this survey was that, in the assessment of 90% of respondents, the user friendliness at e-grant was very good or good. Additionally, 80% viewed e-grant to be an improvement over the old system.

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last modified January 09, 2020