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Project Implementation

Reports documenting progress and costs are to be submitted during the research and innovation-project. The EU furthermore demands utilization and dissemination of results obtained during the project. Read more about this subject below.


The accounting period in the Horizon 2020-project normally runs for 18 months. The consortium needs to report spent, project-related costs and project progression to the European Commission 60 days after every accounting period. The final reporting is also to be finalized at least 60 days after project completion.

The reporting is done as follows: Every partner sends their contribution and accountings to the coordinator, who collects these into one report and sends it to the European Commission. It is important to follow deadlines. If not, the EU-payment is not paid until the following accounting period.

Documentation Requirements

It is important to be able to document all costs in the event of an EU-audit in the course of 5 years after project completion. It is normally not a requirement to submit documentation during the project.

The project hours are to be registered in a reliable manner. Invoices and other calculations are to be stored. When buying external services or other purchases, you need to be able to document that you have not paid more than the market price. This is done by documenting the invitation of competing offers before purchasing or choice of conference center.

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About the grantee’s obligations in regards to original documentation:

    Utilization and Dissemination of Results

    The EU requires both utilization and dissemination of results from Horizon 2020-projects. The requirement of utilization of project results is to ensure that project results are used commercially or to further research after project completion. Regarding dissemination of results, it is required that project results are made available for the public and for stakeholders as early as possible. Grantees are however not obligated to publish results if these are protected as classified information (e.g. in connection with patent application) or if publishing conflicts with other obligations in the grant agreement (e.g. protection of personal data).

    Activities in regards to the dissemination of project results must address all relevant target groups within the project-area. Examples of these activities are:

    • Project-webpage
    • Lectures at scientific conferences
    • Scientific publications
    • Production of films, social media, networking, etc.
    • Contributions to exhibitions and scientific festivals
    • Activities aimed at local target groups/audiences

    It is important to ensure that you fulfill the obligations of utilization and dissemination with project results, during the project and the project completion. The plan which has been submitted as part of the application is to be followed.

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    About obligations regarding utilization and dissemination of project results:


    Besides the requirements for utilization and dissemination during the Horizon 2020-project, there are also requirements regarding communications. Utilization and dissemination is primarily regarding results, whereas communication covers more broadly information about the project and is throughout the project period.

    Communications in a Horizon 2020 project should, as described in the grant agreement, consist of targeted activities to several appropriate groups (including media and the public) on a strategic and efficient basis. It is evident to produce an editorial plan describing the different activities along with the time and person who completes the different communication-assignments.

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    About the grantee’s obligations regarding communication activities:

    The EU Emblem

    In activities regarding utilization and dissemination of project results and general communication about the project, including the project’s webpage and potential brochures, there is an obligation to use the EU-emblem, along with the following text:

    "This project has funding from the [European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme][Euratom research and training programme 2014-2018] under grant agreement No [Number]".

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