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DANRO – The Danish Research Office in Brussels

DANRO (The Danish EU Research Liaison Office) represents Danish research interests within the European Union. The purpose of DANRO is to promote and increase Danish participation in the EU framework programme for research and Innovation Horizon Europe.

With our office located in the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels, we are participating in European networks that promote research interests and we collaborate with partners to promote Danish research and research policy.

Furthermore, we are in close dialogue with decision makers and officials and we have contact to other key actors and stakeholders in Brussels. DANRO’s staff is a part of the Danish Horizon Europe-Programme Committee delegations.

Our primary external clients are Danish universities, companies and other public institutions. DANRO was established in 2006 by and is today an integrated part of Agency for Higher Education and Science in the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

The Primary Tasks of DANRO Include:

  • Information gathering and dissemination
  • Maintain and develop good relations with EU institutions
  • Arranging visits and meetings in Brussels for Danish stakeholders (including Danish researchers, organisations and institutions) and informing about the possibilities within Horizon Europe
  • Collaborate with national and international offices which share DANRO’s priorities
  • Support Danish researchers and research oriented organisations.

The International Network IGLO

DANRO is member of IGLO (Informal Group of R&D Liaison Offices). IGLO is an informal association of Brussels-based non-profit R&D Liaison Offices. The aim of IGLO is to facilitate and enhance interaction, information exchange and co-operation between members of IGLO. IGLO consists of more than twenty national offices in Brussels who all works with the European Framework Programme Horizon 2020


The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science
Agency for Higher Education and Science
Rue du Trône 98
1050 Brussels
Secretariat: +32 - 2213 4166


Jakob Just Madsen
Tlf.: +32 2 213 41 64
Email: jjm@ufm.dk
Marc Escobar Jacobsen
Tlf.: +32 496 90 55 82
Email: mavj@ufm.dk

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last modified April 17, 2024