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Project Implementation and Reporting

During the project various reports must be submitted to document progress and costs. In addition, the EU sets requirements for exploitation and dissemination of results attained in the project. Read more on this topic below.


Accounting periods of Horizon Europe projects generally run over 18 months. No later than 60 days after each accounting period the consortium must report on incurred project-related costs and project progress to the European Commission. The final report must also be submitted no later than 60 days after project end.

Reporting is conducted by all partners submitting their records and accounts to the coordinator who compiles these into one report submitted to the European Commission. It is important that deadlines are complied with. Otherwise, you do not receive your EU payment until in the next reporting period.

Documentation Requirements

It is important to be able to document all costs in case of an EU audit that may come as much as five years after project completion. Normally, there are no requirements for submitting documentation in the course of the project.
You must record time spent on the project in a reliable manner and keep invoices and other calculations. In case of procurement of external services or other purchasing you must be able to document that you have not paid more than the market price. This is done by documenting that you have asked for competing bids prior to, for instance, a purchase or choice of a conference venue.

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Exploitation and Dissemination of Results

The EU sets requirements for exploitation and dissemination of results under a Horizon Europe project. The requirements for the exploitation of project results are to ensure that those results are exploited commercially or for further research also after project completion.

As to dissemination of project results it is requested that you make project results accessible to the public and stakeholders as early as possible. However, beneficiaries are not obliged to publish results if they are protected as confidential information (e.g. in connection with a patent application) or if publication is contradictory to other obligations in the grant agreement (e.g. protection of personal data).

Activities in connection with dissemination of project results must address relevant target groups. Dissemination of results may be secured through:

  • Website on project
  • Presentations at scientific conferences
  • Scientific publications
  • Video production, social media, network meetings, etc.
  • Contribution to expositions and science festivals
  • Activities directed at citizens through local target groups/audiences

During the project and at its completion it is important to ensure that you comply with the obligations in connection with exploitation and dissemination of project results. In addition, you must follow the plan submitted as part of the application.


In the course of a Horizon Europe project and in line with exploitation and dissemination of project results there are also some requirements for communication. Where exploitation and dissemination in connection with the project primarily aims at results, communication activities cover information in a broader sense relating to the project, and it runs over the entire project period.

In pursuance of the grant agreement communication under a Horizon Europe project must cover focused activities to several relevant target groups (incl. media and the public) in a strategic and effective manner. It is recommended to draw up a communications plan describing the different activities along with when and who will conduct the different communication activities under the project.

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Use of the EU Emblem

For activities in connection with dissemination of project results and general communication on the project results - including project website and brochures - you must use the EU emblem and add the following text:

"This project has funding from the [European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme] [Euratom research and training programme 2021-2027] under grant agreement No [Number]".


last modified Dec 09, 2021