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Introduction to Climate, Energy and Mobility

Apply for funding for international multi-partner projects that focus on novel solutions within sustainable energy and transport, climate adaptation and green transition. Projects should contribute to green growth, jobs and inclusive and sustainable solutions for the benefit of citizens and society.
Jonas Toft Ludvigsen
Tlf.: +45 72 31 78 13
Email: jto@ufm.dk
Marc Vestbo Jacobsen
Tlf.: +32 496 90 55 82
Email: mavj@ufm.dk

What is Funded?

The climate, energy and mobility sub-programme particularly funds projects that contribute to research, innovation and novel solutions within e.g. renewable energy and energy systems, carbon capture, batteries, energy efficient buildings, smart and zero emission transport and green, fair and inclusive energy and mobility solutions and services targeted at cities and citizens. The sub-programme covers a wide range of similar focus areas that support the green transition. Applicants should address the concrete challenges in the topic and help strengthen Europe’s knowledge and innovation base and competitiveness within climate, energy and mobility.

Calls and Deadlines

We expect that calls and deadlines for Climate, Energy and Mobility will be announced
April 2021 at:

Who can Apply?

Universities, research and technology organisations, other research institutions, small- and medium-sized enterprises and large companies, organisations and university colleges.

The sub-programme is based on a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to research and innovation within climate, energy and mobility and is therefore relevant for researchers within the social sciences and humanities as well.

Requirements for Applicants

An EU project is a collaboration between disciplines and countries and most projects require that a consortium is comprised of several partners. A consortium must at least be comprised of three partners from three different EU member states or associated countries to EU.

More Information about the Programme

Please find more information on:

Counselling on Horizon Europe

EuroCenter in The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science, along with the EU-DK Support network of EU advisors, offers counselling on Horizon Europe. The advisors can help you with the process all the way from project idea to the application and implementation of your project.

last modified Jun 15, 2021