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What is Funded?

Horizon Europe supports bottom-up research, mobility of researchers and strategic research and innovation where intersectorial and interdisciplinary solutions are paramount. Horizon Europe also supports research and innovation via partnerships, missions and a series of interdisciplinary initiatives.

Universities, companies, research institutions, NGOs, municipalities and others, who wish to be a part of an international cooperation about research and innovation, can apply for funding from Horizon Europe.

Bottom-up Research and Research Infrastructures

European Research Council

The European Research Council (ERC) provides funding for international, groundbreaking research projects of the highest scientific quality within all fields of science and topics. The projects must contribute to research breakthroughs in Europe.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

The programme provides funding for international training of researchers, mobility of researchers and career development and focuses on training and retaining talented researchers in Europe, among other things. The programme takes the free choice of topic as its starting point and seeks to strengthen the innovation competencies of researchers.

Research Infrastructures

Access to e.g. big expensive instruments or infrastructures such as synchrotrons and super microscopes is essential to creating scientific progress and innovation. The programme, therefore, supports the opening, consolidation and development of European research infrastructures.

Strategic Research


The programme provides funding for projects which improve and protect the health and well-being of EU citizens through knowledge and innovation. The programme focuses on mechanism research, personalised medicine, public health, health economics, clinical trials, new technology and digitalisation, among other things.

Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society

The programme provides funding for research and innovation within democracy, governance, citizenship and cultural heritage. The subprogramme centers around an interdisciplinary focus on the social sciences and the humanities and focuses on society, economy, technology and culture.

Civil Security for Society

The programme for Civil Security and Society provides funding for security research and prevention of natural disasters, crime and terrorism. It also seeks to contribute to the security of European societies, infrastructure protection, effective management of EU external borders and cybersecurity.

Digital, Industry and Space

The programme seeks to strengthen European capacity within central digital, industrial and space technologies and support a competitive, digitised and eco-friendly European industry.

Climate, Energy and Mobility

The subprogramme provides funding for international cooperation on new sustainable solutions within climate adaptation, energy, transport and green transition. The programme seeks to contribute to green growth, jobs and the involvement of citizens and users.

Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment

The programme provides funding for a wide range of interdisciplinary projects within biodiversity, healthy food systems, animal welfare, fishery and bioeconomy. International cooperation must contribute to a circular economy, sustainable, green and inclusive solutions for the benefit of society as well as to human well-being.


The European Innovation Council

The European Innovation Council (EIC) seeks to identify and implement so-called high risk, high gain innovations with a particular focus on companies. The council supports breakthrough technologies on all stages of development from idea to market.

Missions and Partnerships in Horizon Europe


Missions is a completely new concept in Horizon Europe with ambitious and concrete goals. One of the goals is that by 2030, we must have 100 climate-neutral cities in Europe. With the five missions, Europe will deal with five of the European citizens’ biggest challenges through research and innovation and simultaneously involving the European citizens in the process.


A partnership is a cooperation between public and private partners across EU and member states and the associated countries. 

Other Programmes that Fund International Cooperation

Others Programmes

Horizon Europe also contains a series of smaller programmes which fund international cooperation. Among these are the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT) and European Innovation Ecosystems (EIE). In addition to this, the organisation COST provides funding for the establishment of research and innovation networks.

Apply for Funding for your EU Application


Applicants can apply for funding to cover up to 50% of their expenses connected to the preparation of an EU Application. There are three cut-offs per year.

The Pre-Evaluation Scheme

Danish Coordinators can now have their EU Application quality assured by two evaluators before they submit it. Applications can be submitted on a continuous basis.

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last modified August 08, 2023