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The purpose of EUopSTART is to intensify the participation of Danish enterprises and research institutions in European research and innovation.

Deadlines in 2023

We expect three application deadlines in 2023. The deadlines will be announced at this site.

Deadlines in 2022

At the deadline 15th November 2022 it was possible to apply when the draft work programmes were pre-published or published on a website that is publicly accessible. You could submit your application for funding from EUopSTART once the EU had pre-published the work programme on the Funding & Tenders Portal, or when draft work programmes were available on websites belonging e.g. to European authorities, organisations or acknowledged media and draft work programmes are available free of charge and without restrictions. Furthermore, it was a prerequisite that the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science had opened for EUopSTART applications. 

In the work programmes, you can see the EU calls and deadlines for the next two years. In 2022 you could apply for funding from EUopSTART for EU calls with deadlines latest on 31 December 2023.

Reservations recarding the last deadline i 2022

The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Research wants to make the early application deadlines in the upcoming work programmes for 2023 available to Danish applicants by supporting the preparatory work with EUopSTART grants. However, the agency does not take any responsibility for the consequences of any changes in the Horizon Europe work programs for 2023-24. This also applies if a Horizon Europe topic is deleted or changed to a degree that it no longer fits the applicant's EUopSTART application.

Therefore, there is a certain risk in preparing an application for Horizon Europe on the basis of a draft work programme.

As long as the work programme is not adopted and published on the European Commission's website, Funding & Tenders Portal, there is a risk that changes may occur which may be decisive for the applicants. For instance, topic texts can be changed on significant points, preliminary deadlines may be moved, or topics can be removed in full from the work programme before the official publication on the Funding & Tenders Portal. In other words, there is a certain risk that the Horizon Europe topic you are aiming for can be removed or change, so that you cannot submit your EU application as planned. In this case, your EUopSTART grant will be annulled. It still applies that EUopSTART grants are only paid when it can be documented that the EU application has in fact been submitted.

If application deadlines for Horizon Europe postings are moved, it is possible to ask for a corresponding change to the EUopSTART grant. Applicants themselves must make sure to announce this in the eGrant system when the final work programs have been published on the Funding & Tenders Portal.

When will you get an Answer?

Applicants can expect an answer to their application around 25 working days after the deadline. 

Who Qualifies for Grants?

Danish enterprises and research institutions can apply for funding to cover up to 50 % of the costs connected to the preparation of an application for one of the programmes under:

In the text below, you can find more information about the subsidy scheme, its possibilities and conditions as well as deadlines.

NB! One Application per Company

Please note that companies can only submit one application for each deadline.

Which Expenses does the Funding Cover?

You can apply for funding to cover expenses defrayed during the grant period. The expenses must be relevant, necessary and directly connected to the preparation of the application. 

The expenses must belong to one of the following categories:

  • Payroll costs
  • Travel expenses
  • External assistance

Role in the Application Max. Grant Size
Partner DKK 50,000
Coordinator DKK 75,000

You can read more about the guidelines and terms for the EUopSTART grant scheme here:

Grant Size

The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science awards grants that cover up to 50 % of the project costs. The applicants must finance 50 % of the project costs themselves. Funding which covers external assistance may not amount to more than 70 % of the total grant, which is awarded by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.

How to Apply?

You apply for the EUopSTART grant scheme by sending your application to the Agency via the electronic application system, e-grant. In 2022, you will be able to submit applications  from 24 January until 15 November.

You must write the application in Danish or English.

Checklist for Applications

Pre-evaluation of Danish Coordinator Applications

As a Danish coordinator, you have the possibility of applying for the Agency’s pre-evaluation scheme. The scheme provides funds for an unbiased pre-evaluation of your draft Horizon Europe application conducted by up to two external expert evaluators.


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