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EUopSTART - Horizon Europe

EUopSTART provides funding for the prepatory activities involved in writing applications for Horizon Europe. On this page you can read about options, conditions and deadlines in connection with the grant scheme.

Deadlines in 2023

There are no more deadlines in 2023.

Deadlines in 2024

Expectedly, we will publish three call deadlines in 2024 in the beginning of January 2024 at the latest. The deadlines will be published here and in UFM's newsletter.
Please note that the information below about EUopSTART and the call text will be altered with the new deadlines in 2024.

EUopSTART applications for:

Which Expenses can be Covered by EUopSTART Grants?

You can apply for grants for expenses related to writing your application for Horizon Europe (including partnerships and missions).

The costs must be relevant, necessary and directly linked to the preparation of the Horizon Europe application. An EUopSTART grant covers 50 % of the costs incurred during the grant period. The grant period is defined as the period from submitting your application to EUopSTART until the application deadline for Horizon Europe.

Expenditure must fall into one of these categories:

  • salary
  • travel
  • consultancy services.

In 2023, you can submit your application to EUopSTART once the final work programme has been published or when the EU has pre-published a draft work programme on the Funding & Tenders portal, and the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Research has opened for EUopSTART applications via a link on this page.

In the work programme, you can find EU calls and application deadlines for the next two years. During 2023, you can apply for funding from the EUopSTART scheme for EU calls with an application deadline no later than 31 December 2024.

How Much Money can I Apply for?

You can apply for up to DKK 50,000 or DKK 75,000. The size of the grant depends on your role in the EU application as well as the Horizon Europe sub-programme you are going to apply for. Further information on this can be found in the EUopSTART call text and the general terms and conditions.

The EUopSTART scheme provides grants of up to 50 % your expenses. Therefore, the applicant must co-finance 50 % of the expenses.

The funding for consultancy services may not exceed 70 % of the total grant awarded through EUopSTART.

Who Can Apply for EUopSTART Grants?

Danish enterprises and research institutions may apply for grants to cover up to 50 % of the expenses incurred in preparing an application for one of the Horizon Europe programmes

NB! One Application per Company

Please note that companies can only submit one application for each deadline.

When Will I Receive a Reply?

Applicants may expect to receive a reply to their application about 25 working days after the application deadline.

How Do I Apply for EUopSTART?

You can submit your application for EUopSTART via:

The application must be written in Danish or English.

Before applying for EUopSTART, you should seek information in the current guidelines and terms of the schemes. You can also find a link to the application form in the guidelines:

Information about Horizon Europe and Help with Drafting your EU Application

If you do not know the requirements for the application for Horizon Europe and need to know more about the instruments and calls through which you can apply for project funding, you can find advice and guidance via EU-DK Support free of charge. Here you will find publicly funded help and information.

You can also find information about Horizon Europe on the website of the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science which is the official Danish website on Horizon Europe: ufm.dk/horizon-eu

Checklist for Applications

Questions about your grant?

Contact the granting unit
Weekdays: 09.00-12.00
T. +45 33 92 92 00
E-mail: bevilling@ufm.dk

Technical questions for e-grant?

Contact e-grant support
Weekdays: 09.00-12.00
T. +45 33 92 91 90
E-mail: support.e-grant@ufm.dk


Stefanie Bondy Jørgensen
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 17
Email: stbj@ufm.dk

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