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The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)

The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) supports the development of the European Innovation Ecosystem with special focus on regional cooperation on research, innovation, education and entrepreneurship. These fields are being supported in Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).

The EIT and KICs are targeting businesses, universities, local authorities, regions etc. Today, eight KICs exist with focus on different topics and subject areas. In addition, two new KICs are expected to be launched in the coming years: one on the cultural and creative Industries and another on the water industries

Each KIC normally consists of five to six regions covering several countries, and activities within a KIC are normally exclusive to partners. All KICs have an external board assisting in setting objectives and direction for the work.

KICs are born with a relatively high initial budget that is gradually lowered during a 15-years period, after which they must be financially self-sustaining. In other words, external funding from the partners (businesses, universities, local authorities, etc.) must finance operation and activities. Today, more than 1,500 partners have joined the EIT and the KICs. By contacting the relevant KIC, universities, businesses, local authorities, etc. can apply for becoming a partner.

What can be Funded?

The KICs support the following activities, among others:

Seed funding and assistance to start-ups and SMEs in connection with innovation and commercialisation of research.

Educational programmes, master classes, summer schools with focus on innovation and commercialisation of new ideas.

Establishment of innovation networks with inclusion of businesses and universities.

Main Fields of Programme

Today, these eight KICs and one EIT Alumni initiative exist:

  1. EIT Climate KIC
  2. EIT Digital
  3. EIT Food
  4. EIT Health
  5. EIT InnoEnergy
  6. EIT Manufacturing
  7. EIT RawMaterials
  8. EIT Urban Mobility
  9. EIT Alumni.

Two new KICs will be launched in the coming years:

10. Cultural KIC (Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries), expected to be launched in 2022-2023
11. Water KIC (Water, Marine and Maritime Sectors and Ecosystems), expected to be launched in 2026

How to Find Open Opportunities and Application Deadlines

Calls, conditions, and application deadlines are published on:

Who can Apply?

As a general rule, activities under the KICs are exclusive to members, but it is expected that more activities will be open in the future. Application conditions appear from the EIT website and on the websites of the different KICs.

KICs have a regional focus, so to participate in activities it is normally a precondition that you contact the regional co-location centre.

KIC partners may be universities, government-approved research and technology organisations (RTOs), SMEs, large businesses, local authorities, regional authorities, interest organisations, industry organisations, etc.

Read More

On the EIT website you can read more about the broad range of activities of EIT and KICs within education, entrepreneurship, innovation, etc.:

last modified Jun 30, 2021