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Introduction to the European Research Council (ERC)

The ERC's mission is to encourage the highest quality research in Europe through competitive funding, and to support investigator-driven frontier research across all fields with an emphasis on supporting frontier research, cross-disciplinary proposals and pioneering ideas in new and emerging fields.

What is Funded?

Talented European researchers can obtain support to conduct excellent research of the highest scientific quality. It is possible to apply for funding for research projects in all fields of science, which can contribute to major research breakthroughs. The scientific quality is the only evaluation criterion for the grant.

Calls and Deadlines

Each grant type has a yearly deadline and Proof of Concept has two cut-off deadlines per year. Call deadlines can be found in the ERC work programme when it is published on:

Who can Apply?

The programme is open to all researchers worldwide but it is a requirement that research is conducted in an EU Member State or associated country.

Requirements for Applicants

For Starting Grant:

  • The applicant (Principal Investigator) must have defended his/her first PhD level between two and seven years ahead of the publication of the call
  • At least one important publication as main author or without the participation of their PhD supervisor
  • Some focus may also be placed on patents, awards, etc.

For Consolidator Grant:

  • The applicant (Principal Investigator) must be awarded his/her first PhD level between minimum seven and up to twelve years before the publication of the call
  • Some focus may also be placed on patents, awards, etc.

For Advanced Grant:

  • Applicants (Principal Investigator) are expected to be active researchers and have a track record of significant scientific advances
  • Some focus may also be placed on patents, awards, expeditions etc.

For Proof of Concept:

  • Applicants must have either a current ERC project or have completed an ERC project within 12 months prior to the date of entry.

For Synergy Grant:

  • Two to four applicants (Principal Investigator) can apply jointly for this type of ERC Grant.
  • The goal is to provide support to a close collaborative interaction that will enable transformative research at the forefront of science, which is capable of yielding groundbreaking or even unpredictable scientific results and/or cross-fertilizing disciplines
  • The ambition is to open the way to results that are more than just the sum of the Principal Investigators' individual contributions
  • An ERC Synergy Grant lasts up to six years and applicants can apply for up to €10 million.

More Information about the Programme

About the European Research Council and the Funding Opportunities at:

Counselling on Horizon Europe

EuroCenter in The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science, along with the EU-DK Support network of EU advisors, offers counselling on Horizon Europe. The advisors can help you with the process all the way from project idea to the application and implementation of your project.


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