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International Network Programme

International Network Programme supports network activities between Danish and foreign researchers from China (incl. Hong Kong), India, Israel, Japan, USA, Brazil, the Republic of Korea and South Africa.
Winnie H. Laugø
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 03
Email: whl@ufm.dk
Stine Vad Bovtrup
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 85
Email: svb@ufm.dk



With the current situation caused by Covid19 in Denmark and the rest of the world, we are experiencing some inquiries about network activities that cannot be completed as planned.
Grant holders who face such challenges can apply for an extension via the E-grant portal. Delays due to postponement of travel and other activities as a result of the Covid19 situation are, in gereneral, valid justification for extensions. We advise that you apply for extension when the situation is normalized and the full extent of the caused delay is know, unless your grant expires before that, in which case you should apply no later than one month prior to the previously agreed end date.

Who are eligble for funding?

Recognised scientists employed at Danish universities and research institutions and recognised scientists and research experts employed in R&D intensive companies and GTS Institutes in Denmark who wish to conduct network activities with researchers from China (incl. Hong Kong), India, Israel, Japan, USA, Brazil, the Republic of Korea and South Africa.

For applications with an Arctic focus, partner countries may also include Canada, Russia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and / or The Faroe Islands.

Which operating costs can be supported?

Applications for funding can be made for one or more of the following budget items:

  • Operating expenses for:
    • Workshops and conferences
    • International travel including airfare, accommodation and daily expenses for food and local transport according to Circular of Mission Agreement (Cirkulære om Tjenesterejseaftalen, 2000, Finansministeriet).
  • Overhead/administration expenses.

Funding cannot be used to cover expenses for salaries or fees, i.e. conference fees, PhD fees, tuition.

Do you have futher questions? You are welcome to contact us, or check our our FAQ.

When can you apply?

Calls are usually announced in early March with an subition deadline medio May. Calls are announced provided that funding is available on the yearly Finance Act.

Assessment process

Applications are assessed by the International Network Programme Committee. The committee comsists of 10 members, appointed by the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education after nomination from the Independent Research Fund Denmark, Innovation Fund Denmark and Forum for Arctic Research.

The committee makes a recommendation to the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science, who informs applicants of the final decision by mid-November. If relevant, a consultation process will be completed prior to this.

Any changes to this will be announced at this website at the earliest possible convenience.

last modified Apr 06, 2021