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FAQ for applying to Global Innovation Network Programme

Frequently Asked Questions - and answers - for applicants to Global Innovation Network Programme
Winnie H. Laugø
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 03
Email: whl@ufm.dk

Q) What about the International Network Programme?

A) We have reviewed the International Networking Programme and have found it nec-essary to amend the programme to strengthen networking within research and innovation at institutional level rather than at individual level. In that way the pro-gramme can be used more strategically by the participating institutions.

The Global Innovation Network Programme thus replaces the former International Network Programme, which will no longer be offered.

Q) Can partners from other countries outside the EU and EEA participate?

A) Partners from all countries except EU and EEA countries are covered by the call. However, in case of two equally rated applications, the application with partners from the priority countries will be prioritised to the application with partners from other countries.

Q) Can we apply for a network with partners from several countries?

A) Yes, you can apply for a network with partners from several countries in one application.

Q) Is Innovation Centre Denmark considered a Danish or a foreign partner?

A) The Innovation Centres cannot be a partner institution. They can be considered external consultants whose services can be purchased as support activities. Please note that the costs for these activities must not exceede 25 % of the total grant.

Q) How come Switzerland and UK are eligible countries?

A) Switzerland and the UK are among the countries in the world that invest the most in research and technology and they are not EU or EEA members.

Q) Can individuals apply?

A) Individuals can no longer apply within the frame of the Global Innovation Network Programme. However, long and short term stays for individuals are still possible, if they are part of the overall project and part of the application endorsed by the eliggible applicant.

Q) To which extent can companies participate in GINP-funded events?

A) Companies are welcome to participate in GINP-funded activities. However, if they are not a partner in the application, they do not have access to the funds from the project.

Q) To which extent can companies be reimbursed for travel costs, etc.?

A) If companies are partners in the application, they have acces to the grant and can thus be reimbursed for travel costs etc. Existing rules and regulations will have to be respected (please see the regulations under de minimis)

Q) Can direct salary be covered by the grant from the Global Innovation Network Programme?

A) A grant through the Global Innovation Network Programme cannot be used to cover direct salary costs. A fixed percentage will be granted for overheads, defined as follows:

"Overhead is the indirect and common costs in the overall organisation of the grant beneficiary associated with carrying out the activity. Overheads typically include salary costs for general management and support functions as well as common operating costs for e.g. rent and IT, see e.g. the Danish Financial Services Authority's guide  "Regelgrundlag for generelle fælles omkostninger/Rule base for general overheads". The overhead rate is stated in the budget specifications."
Direct salary costs can be included in the overall budget of the project as self-financing.

Q) Can ’support costs’ cover salary costs?

A) Support activities can cover costs related to external support. This could for example include payment for an external facilitator or similar during a workshop. Staff salary costs will have to be covered by the budget for overhead or they can be included in the total budget as co-financing.

Q) Co-financing is subtracted from the budget total in the budget template. Does that mean we have to calculate with the co-financing amount in the budget total?

A) Yes, we would like you to indicate the total cost of the project and then subtract the co-financing, in order to give an overview over the total project budget, the co-financing percentage of the total budget and the amount of the grant applied for.

Q) How can we calculate hours spent on the project as part of the overhead?

A) Hours should be calculated as the corresponding percentage of the real costs.

Q) Is there a limit to number of traveling days?

A) Yes. the total number of traveling days funded by this grant is 90 days. So if more people are traveling they will have to devide the 90 days between them.

The total of 90 days also applies to long-term stays.

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