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SPIR grant 2013 within Future Production Systems: MADE

MADE – Manufacturing Academy of Denmark

The platform

Titel: MADE – Platform for future production systems
Grant holder: MADE (Manufacturing Academy of Denmark)
Contact: Lars R. Enevoldsen, chairman of MADE

Total grant: DKK 64 million
Total budget: DKK 183.5 million
Research training: 22 PhDs and 6 postdocs
Period: 2014-2018


Aalborg University, Technical University of Denmark, University of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen Business School, Aarhus University, Danish Technological Institute, FORCE Technology, Grundfos, Danfoss, LEGO, Danish Crown, DMRI (TI), Terma Aerostructures A/S, Haldor Topsoe, Coloplast, Siemens Windpower, Vestas, Aalborg Portland, Altan.dk, Attech A/S, Bila A/S, Blue Ocean Robotics, Haarup Maskinfabrik, Hydrema, Hydrocon, IHFood A/S, InMold Biosystems, NKT Photonics, Qualiware, REAL Aps, Robotool, TRESU Group, Universal Robots, Xcelgo, MADE Association.

External foundations and associations:  Danish Industry Foundation, IAK and PA Foundations.


It is essential for future Danish growth and employment that the country remains attractive to both foreign and Danish manufacturing companies. The Danish manufacturing industry is currently employing roughly 300,000 people. In addition, the manufacturing of Denmark is essential regarding the ability to attract and keep jobs within the research and development sector.

Industry is however under great pressure from the emerging economies and the global framework for manufacturing is changing rapidly. In the years to come productivity, integration of IT, individually designed products and a faster introduction of new products will be in the spotlight. If Denmark is to remain attractive to manufacturing companies it needs competitive production facilities.
MADE - Platform for Future Production is a strategic platform embedding the strongest production expertise in Denmark with contribution by five Danish universities two Authorized Technological Service Institutes, ten large Danish manufacturing companies and a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the Platform cooperates with a number of reputable foreign universities.

Based on a holistic approach and the close integration of research and innovation - with the use of networking and through an attachment to education - the parties will strengthen production in Danish companies through increased and flexible automation, development and application of new technologies, new production processes, new organization of production and a greater involvement of production workers.

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last modified August 14, 2019