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Space and Denmark

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has the formal responsibility for matters related to the regulation of Danish activities in outer Space, Denmark's international cooperation on activities in Outer Space
Space Law

2016 saw the introduction of Denmark's first ever Space Law (the Outer Space Act of 11 May 2016) which was followed up by an Executive Order on the requirements in connection with approval of activities in outer space.

Regulation and approval of Danish Space activities

Under the Outer Space Act a space activity undertaken in the state of Denmark, on a Danish vessel or by a Danish operator can only be carried out after prior approval from the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.

Space Strategy

Danish_Space_strategySpace can contribute to growth in Danish society and help solve some of the challenges facing Danish society. This was conveyed in the first ever Danish Space Strategy.

This responsibility handed the the ministry also covers the co-ordination and co-operation between Danish public authorities on Space related matters.

last modified Jul 21, 2020