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Innovation strategy On 20 December 2012 Denmark initiated a paradigm shift for future innovation policy by launching the national innovation strategy, “Denmark – a nation of solutions”.

Enhanced cooperation and improved frameworks for innovation in enterprises

The innovation strategy will ensure that more of Denmark’s knowledge and business positions of strength are translated to new jobs and growth. It will support a more goal-oriented Danish approach to creating innovative solutions to global societal challenges.

The innovation strategy contains 27 policy initiatives regarding research, innovation and education. It focuses on a better knowledge exchange between companies and knowledge institutions, across borders and between the public and the private sector.

There are three focus areas in the strategy:

Demand for solutions to concrete societal challenges must be given higher priority in the public sector innovation effort.

Focus on more effective innovation schemes and better mutual knowledge transfer between companies and knowledge institutions.

A change of culture in the education system with more focus on innovation and value creation.

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