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Eurostudent is part of a joint European project, which through national questionnaires, based on a core template, makes it possible to compare students' social and economic conditions across countries in Europe.

About Eurostudent

Eurostudent is an international analysis and indicator project aimed at comparing student socioeconomic conditions in Europe. The latest round of Eurostudent was completed in the period 2018-2021. The new round will be completed from 2021-2024.

The data for Eurostudent is based on a questionnaire, and in Denmark, the study for round VIII is conducted by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.

Eurostudent target group is students enrolled in higher education under the Ministry of Higher Eduation and Science and the Ministry of Culture. Data was last collected in the spring of 2019.

The study compares, among other things, themes such as student time spent on their education, their social background, expenses, income and assessment of their studies.

Eurostudent VIII questionnaire collection

In spring 2022, the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education is conducted the questionnaire for round VIII of Eurostudent.

A sample of the students in higher education under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Ministry of Culture were invited to answer the Eurostudent questionnaire. The answers will provide a better starting point for examining what can improve the students' conditions as students.

You can read more about how the agency deals with your information in connection with the questionnaire collection.


The results of the seventh round was published on 25. August 2021. The results from the eighth round are expected to be published in the spring of 2024.

The report from the sixth round can be downloaded here.


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