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About the university colleges

The university colleges offer and develop higher education with a strong relation to practice on an international professional level.

The university colleges in Denmark are independent institutions regulated by the Act on University colleges of higher education. The Danish School of Media and Journalism is regulated by the Act on the Danish School of Media and Journalism (not translated).

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The organisation of university colleges is based on a vertical management structure with a board. The board has the general and strategic responsibility for the quality and development of educations at the institution. The management of the institution also includes the responsibility for educational activities, efficiency and economy.

A large part of the professional bachelors find employment in the public sector, for example as teachers, nurses and social workers, but programmes in fields such as engineering, information technology, business and media and communication are aiming at the private sector.

The university colleges offer first-cycle higher educational programmes (i.e. professional bachelor programmes) and certain academy profession programmes, further adult education and diploma programmes.

Aim and task of the institutions

The main aim of the university colleges is to offer and develop higher education with a strong relation to practice. University college educations should meet both different students’ interests in a variety of subjects and the need for a qualified workforce in both the private and the public sector. University colleges are expected to contribute to national and regional growth, and the development of sectors and professions. 

The university colleges together with the academies of professional higher education are to ensure broad educational environments in all geographical regions of Denmark. 

University colleges must ensure that the education programmes’ knowledge base is profession-based as well as development-based. University colleges also function as regional knowledge institutions in close dialogue with regional stakeholders. These stakeholders could be companies or regional growth forums. Furthermore, the university colleges must work with the universities and other research institutions.

Moreover, it is expected that university colleges participate in the development of technical and mercantile educations in close cooperation with academies for professional higher education in the regional area.

last modified Mar 30, 2022