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The Euroguidance Network

The Euroguidance Network provides support for guidance and mobility across Europe. The network includes Euroguidance centres in 35 European countries.

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Euroguidance objectives and activities

The objectives of the Euroguidance network are to promote mobility in Europe and to promote the development of educational and vocational guidance, with special emphasis on the international dimension in guidance. The network thus organises a range of activities to:

  • contribute to the development of the European dimension in national guidance systems
  • support the exchange of quality information on education and training systems, guidance services, qualifications and employment issues in Europe
  • promote mutual awareness and cooperation between guidance services in Europe in terms of working methods and dissemination of innovative practices.

Provision and exchange of quality information is an important Euroguidance activity in relation to the above objectives, including information on:

  • national guidance systems, innovative practices in guidance and national and international projects focusing on guidance
  • learning opportunities in Europe (especially through the EU portal, PLOTEUS)
  • exchange programmes and other opportunities for mobility
  • national education and training systems.

The Euroguidance Network is supported by the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme. The network has its own website with further information about network activities and contact details of each individual centre.

The Danish Euroguidance centre is hosted by the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.

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last modified Nov 09, 2021