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Euroguidance Denmark

The Danish Euroguidance centre promotes mobility in Europe and supports the development of the international dimension of career guidance in Denmark.



The Danish Euroguidance centre is hosted by the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education. Euroguidance Denmark is part of the Euroguidance network, which involves 37 European countries. 

The aims of Euroguidance Denmark are to:

  • support Danish and European guidance practitioners on mobility issues
  • promote the development of the European dimension in educational and vocational guidance
  • promote mutual awareness and cooperation between guidance services and practitioners throughout Europe.


Euroguidance Denmark carries out a range of activities that serve to promote the international dimension of career guidance. Below you will find examples of such activities in English:

Study visits, seminars, etc.

The Danish Euroguidance centre organises a range of events for Danish guidance practitioners as well as visitors from other countries.

Amongst other things, we organise seminars and further training courses for Danish guidance practitioners. This entails mobility issues and other international aspects relevant to guidance in Denmark.

We also receive - and prepare presentations for - visitors from other countries who wish to learn about the Danish experiences within the fields of education and guidance. Visitors include groups of guidance practitioners, teachers and officials from relevant public authorities.

The Academia exchange programme

Academia is a network involving organisations in more than 20 EU and EEA Member States. The Academia network organises transnational placement programmes for European guidance practitioners.

Denmark organises a one-week Academia training course for European guidance counsellors every year.


If you have questions about Euroguidance Denmark and our activities, you are welcome to contact us:


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last modified March 16, 2022