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An assessment from the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science can be helpful when looking for a job. In some professions, however, you may need to apply for authorisation.

The assessment offered by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science is a brief statement saying what your foreign qualification corresponds to in Denmark: Which educational level and, if possible, which field of education. The Agency assesses completed qualifications at all levels.

Fictive example of level assessmentWhen you apply for a job, our assessment can make your qualifications easier to understand for the Danish employer.

It is up to the individual employer to decide whether you have the right competences for the job. However, if the employer is a Danish public authority, that authority is required to base its decision on the Agency's assessment as far as the level of your qualifications is concerned.

The assessment normally takes a maximum of two months from the time we receive the application and the required documentation.

The assessment is free of charge, but does not include translation of documents.