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Access to regulated professions

If you wish to practise a regulated profession, you need an authorisation or similar recognition by the competent public authority. Temporary service providers from EU/EEA countries, as a rule, only need to submit a declaration.

Find out if your profession is regulated in Denmark and, if so, how to achieve professional recognition.

Is your profession regulated?

Please check this list to see if your profession is regulated in Denmark:


Are you covered by EU rules?

You are covered by the EU rules for recognition of professional qualifications if the answer to both of the following questions is “yes”:

  1. You are a citizen of an EU country, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland

  2. You are fully qualified in one the above-mentioned countries to practise the same profession as you now wish to practise in Denmark.


Company registration

The information provided on this site is about natural persons wishing to pursue regulated professions. Information given here does not consider company registration, VAT registration or authorisation of companies.

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last modified October 31, 2023