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What is a Certificate Supplement?

A Certificate Supplement is a description that forms a supplement to a certificate that documents completion of a Danish vocational education and training programme.

The Certificate Supplement states the name and duration of the programme as well as the skills and competences achieved and the typical jobs and work areas to which the programme qualifies participants.

The supplements are issued in English, the purpose being to further mobility between EU member states and to facilitate comparison of vocational education and training programmes throughout Europe. Other European countries issue similar descriptions of vocational education and training programmes in their countries.

The supplements follow a joint European template, which was prepared by the European Forum in the field of Transparency of Vocational Qualifications. The forum was set up in 1998 by the EU Commission, Cedefop, the Member States, EFTA and the social partners.

The Danish Certificate Supplements were prepared and published by the Danish Agency for International Education in 2002 after agreement with the Ministry of Education and in cooperation with the educational authorities responsible for awarding the final examination certificate or certificate of apprenticeship for each education.

The supplements are based on ministerial orders applying to the various trades and professions in question. The texts are amended on an ongoing basis in consultation with the relevant trade committees among the social partners.

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last modified July 02, 2020