Cross-border comparison of qualifications

Cross-border comparison of qualifications

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) provides a common frame of reference, which helps compare the national qualifications systems and their levels.

This is based on each country establishing a reference between the levels in the EQF and the national qualification levels – either by means of a national Qualifications Framework, as in Denmark, or in some other way documenting national levels and comparing the national levels with the EQF levels.

On the EQF portal you can compare qualification levels between the countries that have referenced their national levels to the EQF. Nearly all EU member states were expected to complete the referencing process by 2012.

Danish levels and EQF levels

The figure below shows which EQF levels correspond to the levels of the Danish qualifications framework.

DK-EQF level comparison
The diagram shows which levels of the Danish framework correspond to which levels of the EQF.

Where to look for the EQF level of Danish qualifications

Certificates and diplomas concerning all publicly recognised qualifications are to carry an EQF reference level:

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