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European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

The EQF is the link between the national Qualifications Frameworks and systems.

EQFEQF stands for the European Qualifications Framework. It is a common European reference framework, which makes it easier to understand, compare and recognise qualifications across different countries and systems in Europe:

  • It facilitates the identification of the level of qualifications in other European countries. This enhances the basis for comparing and recognising qualifications across national borders.

  • Students and members of the general public will thus have a better possibility of moving to another country to study and work. This underpins cross-border mobility.

While the EQF does not lead to automatic recognition of qualifications, it is a useful tool for the assessment that takes place when non-national qualifications are to be recognised.

The EU Member States agreed to set up the European Qualifications Framework through the recommendation adopted by the European Parliament and the Council in April 2008. The recommendation was revised in 2018.

EQF as a tool for comparison
The European Qualifications Framework is a translation device to compare qualifications across national borders.

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