EQF Coordination Point

Denmark's information office for questions relating to the EQF

The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education is the official EQF Coordination Point in Denmark. The Coordination Point functions as the information office for questions relating to the EQF and the correlation between the EQF and the Danish Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning.

The Coordination Point...

  • Informs all stakeholders about the correlation between the national Qualifications Framework and the EQF, including how the national qualifications levels reference to the qualification levels in the EQF

  • Provides information about the background and purpose of establishing the EQF

  • Administers and develops the website on the national qualifications framework and its referencing to the EQF.

The responsibility for other areas, such a quality assurance of the national qualification framework and the referencing process, lies with the ministries responsible for education.

Coordination points of the other Member States

The other Member States have also established National Coordination Points.

last modified Jan 05, 2017