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Press releases from the Ministry and the agencies from 28 June 2015 onwards.
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New proposal: the Government wants to tighten up on international SU debt
Date of publication: Feb 23, 2018 Through 7 concrete initiatives, the Government wants to ensure that foreign citizens pay their SU debt. Denmark should not be a gift shop, where we allow international students to avoid paying the SU debt, says Minister for Taxation Karsten Lauritzen.
Press invitation: 18 of the world's largest research facilities join forces for industry conference in Copenhagen
Date of publication: Feb 19, 2018 The world's first Big Science Business Forum is gathering representatives from the largest research facilities in Europe for a joint conference. They will offer insights into orders worth billions of euros for companies. The conference takes place in Copenhagen 26-28 February 2018.
Danish research has a high level of scientific impact
Date of publication: Feb 06, 2018 Denmark ranks high internationally for scientific impact measured by citation, according to a new report. The Minister for Higher Education and Science is pleased with the results and looks forward to Denmark reaching even greater heights.
Political agreement reached to distribute DKK 1 billion to research and development
Date of publication: Nov 01, 2017 A new, broad political agreement on the distribution of the research reserve will see DKK 1 billion allocated to research into better health, new technological opportunities, learning and education, supporting the environment, and a better start for marginalised children and their families.
New Opportunities Within Education, Research and Industry in China
Date of publication: Sep 25, 2017 The focal point in the Danish-Chinese university partnership opens with participation of His Royal Highness The Crown Prince when the House of the Danish Industry Foundation is inaugurated. The house will be buzzing with activities made by students, researchers, companies and institutions.
65,165 accepted to higher education programmes
Date of publication: Aug 07, 2017 More young applicants have been admitted to programmes in fields where there is a demand for workers. This year's admittance figures show that both students and educational institutions are making responsible choices, according to the Minister for Higher Education and Science.
90,563 people have applied to higher education programmes
Date of publication: Jul 05, 2017 By today's deadline, 90,563 people had applied to higher education programmes. The Minister for Higher Education and Science is pleased that young people have the will and desire to equip themselves with new competences.
Future research identified in 19 themes
Date of publication: Jun 30, 2017 What areas of research make the most sense to focus on in the future? The new RESEARCH2025 catalogue attempts to answer this question by identifying research areas.
Denmark to host first ever Big Science Business Forum
Date of publication: May 19, 2017 Representatives from the world's largest technology research facilities will gather for the first time ever at a joint conference. The Ministry of Higher Education and Science hosts the conference where the research facilities provide information about how companies can obtain orders worth billions
China opens the door for collaboration with more Danish educational institutions
Date of publication: May 03, 2017 The Chinese Ministry of Education has recently recognised 19 Danish educational institutions as high quality institutions – benefiting both the institutions and Danish and Chinese students. The minister is pleased with the collaborative prospects.
Quantum physicist from Aarhus University receives Research Communication Award 2017
Date of publication: Apr 24, 2017 Associate Professor Jacob Sherson from Aarhus University is this year's recipient of the Research Communication Award The award will be presented by H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary at the opening of the Danish Science Festival at Experimentarium on April 24th.
Danish research secures more than DKK 4 billion in EU funding
Date of publication: Apr 05, 2017 Danish companies and research institutions perform well in securing funding from the EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. Compared with other countries, Denmark ranks third when measured per capita.
Denmark's great ambitions for drone technology
Date of publication: Mar 30, 2017 Minister for Higher Education and Science Søren Pind to provide DKK 27.5 million for new drone technology research. The investment will advance Denmark even further in the field of strong drone nations and is aimed at the development of drone technology within a number of branches.
More than 54,000 have applied for higher education via quota 2
Date of publication: Mar 16, 2017 A total of 54,375 people have applied for higher education this year via quota 2 by today's deadline. It is roughly on par with last year's figure whereby 54, 932 had applied by 15 March.
European success story for Danish research
Date of publication: Mar 16, 2017 Throughout the 10 years of the European Research Council's existence, 150 researchers have successfully attracted DKK 1.75 billion in EU funding for research in Denmark, benefiting independent research in particular.
The Danish PhD programme: high quality attracting private sector employers
Date of publication: Mar 03, 2017 Despite a significant rise in number of PhD students, the Danish PhD programme maintains its high quality. Moreover, Denmark is in the top spot among the OECD countries when it comes to PhD graduates employed in the private sector, according to a new comprehensive analysis.
Five outstanding researchers honoured with EliteForsk awards
Date of publication: Feb 23, 2017 H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary and the Minister for Higher Education and Science Søren Pind are presenting EliteForsk awards to five of Denmark's most talented young researchers today. This marks the eleventh year of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science's EliteForsk awards.
Danish businesses to benefit from space
Date of publication: Feb 10, 2017 A new innovation initiative will give more Danish businesses the opportunity to utilise satellite data.
Danish researchers boosted by DKK 3.7 billion in EU funding for research and innovation
Date of publication: Dec 13, 2016 Denmark has achieved its objectives regarding the allocation of research funds from the European framework programme Horizon 2020, by securing almost DKK 3.7 billion in funding.
The Minister for Higher Education and Science appoints special advisor
Date of publication: Dec 05, 2016 Minister for Higher Education and Science Søren Pind has appointed Martin Ruby as special advisor.
DKK 350 million for new space activities
Date of publication: Dec 02, 2016 Denmark will invest DKK 350 million in space activities, including participation in the International Space Station (ISS). There is great potential for finding new solutions for a better future, says Søren Pind.
Søren Pind is new minister for Higher Education and Science
Date of publication: Nov 28, 2016 Søren Pind has been appointed minister for the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.
Political agreement prioritises vocational and independent research
Date of publication: Nov 07, 2016 All parliamentary parties support the agreement to distribute a total of DKK 555 million to research activities in 2017. Research can result in new solutions and products and contribute to growth – all important to Denmark's future, according to the Minister for Higher Education and Science.
New strategy to strengthen Danish research and education in the Arctic
Date of publication: Nov 01, 2016 The Minister for Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs is launching a new strategy today for the ministry's work within the Arctic. According to the minister, the strategy will help Denmark's global reputation as one of the world's leading countries in the area of Arctic research and education.
Denmark opens new innovation centre in Israel today
Date of publication: Oct 27, 2016 Denmark opens a new innovation centre in Tel Aviv today. The centre will strengthen Danish innovation, research, growth, and employment.
Denmark's first drone strategy takes flight
Date of publication: Sep 28, 2016 Drones present great potential to improve productivity and growth. The Danish government wants to support this potential and has launched Denmark's first drone strategy.
Pivotal data centre opens in Copenhagen
Date of publication: Aug 29, 2016 The world's most advanced neutron spreading facility, European Spallation Source (ESS) is being built in Sweden. Meanwhile in Denmark, the data centre that will handle all the research data stemming from the ESS officially opened on August 26.
Another record-breaking year for higher education applicants
Date of publication: Aug 02, 2016 A total of 66,439 young people were accepted to higher education programmes, breaking previous records. Compared to last year, 1,138 more people have been admitted to higher education programmes in 2016. Minister for Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs is pleased with the development.
Record numbers apply for higher education
Date of publication: Jul 05, 2016 A total of 94,061 have applied for higher education programmes this year – the highest number yet. Minister for Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs hopes that many have applied to programmes with good graduate job opportunities.
Denmark's space strategy takes flight
Date of publication: Jun 27, 2016 In 2015, the first Danish astronaut was sent into space. Now the Danish Government is launching a national strategy for utilising space as a driver of growth in Danish society and how it can help solve some of the great challenges here on Earth.