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Process and participation

The Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education invited a broad circle of interested parties to contribute to and participate in the process of preparing INNO+. The catalogue with the different proposals has now been released.

Procedural plan

In December 2012, the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education invited a range of interested parties to contribute to a dialogue about INNO+, which occured in two phases up until the release.

Idea Generation

Initially, interested parties were encouraged to draw up and submit proposals for INNO+ focus areas based on RESEARCH2020. The proposals could be submitted until 18 February 2013.

The result was staggering. Around 90 organisations and institutions submitted a total of almost 500 proposals. All the proposals are within the five areas of vision pointed out in RESEARCH2020:

  • A society with a green economy  
  • A society with health and quality of life
  • High-tech society with innovation capacity 
  • An efficient and competitive society
  • A competent, cohesive society.

Each of the areas take as point of departure significant societal challenges and specific Danish prerequisites and constitute an especially promising area for Denmark in relation to research and innovation.

Focus and expansion

A phase of focus and expansion was initiated in February and completed in May 2013. The goal was to reduce and qualify the contributions in dialogue with the contributors and the relevant ministries.

The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education held a number of workshops where the participants evaluated, specified and prioritised the large number of submitted proposals. In the workshops, a long row of experts with specialised knowledge about the needs of innovation pointed out in the proposals participated together with the contributors.

Dialogue about catalogue draft

The received contributions were the primary foundation for the preparation of an INNO+ catalogue. However, the effort also revolved around the work of the government’s growth teams, as well as knowledge from relevant Danish and international analysis, strategies and action plans.

In June, the Ministry continued to qualify and adjust the INNO+ catalogue on the basis of comments and inputs from the interested parties.

Launch of INNO+

INNO+ has been announced in Danish in September 2013. An English version followed shortly after.

INNO+ is a dynamic document, which can be updated, e.g. every other year, with the purpose of incorporating the ongoing changes in challenges and possibilities for innovation.

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