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RESEARCH2025 - Summary

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This publication provides an overview of the research topics identified in the RESEARCH2025 catalogue, which was published in june 2017.
Siv Mørch Jacobsen
Email: smj@ufm.dk
Jens Haisler
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 48
Email: jha@ufm.dk
: Sep 04, 2018
: 978-87-93468-62-7
: 978-87-93468-63-4
: 2018
: 56

Public strategic investments in research must help solve societal challenges and create growth and prosperity.

RESEARCH2025 is the basis for strategic investments in research, ensuring investments are based on solid knowledge about the research needs of society and the new opportunities that research creates.

RESEARCH2025 designates the promising research areas of the future as seen from business, organizations, ministries, knowledge institutions and a wide range of other stakeholders. In RESEARCH2025, a total of 19 prominent research topics are identified within four main areas:

• New technological opportunities

• Green growth

• Better health

• People and communities 

This publication summarises the 19 research topics identified within the four main areas.

The full RESEARCH2025 catalogue is available through the link below.

last modified Sep 07, 2018