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Publications 2018
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Summary - VIVE
Date of publication: Apr 16, 2018 This report contains an overview of the literature on the technological development’s influence on the demand for labour with various competencies on the labour market of the future
Survival Guide: Denmark Step-By-Step for Volunteers
Date of publication: Feb 20, 2018 The Survival Guide is a help for young people who come to Denmark to work as a volunteer through Erasmus+.
Drones - Mapping Potential Collaborators in the American Drone Research Environment
Date of publication: Jun 19, 2018 The Danish Innovation Center in Silicon Valley has prepared an ICDK Outlook with focus on possible collaboration with American actors in the drone field. USA accounts for the largest share of global research in the drone field and is thus an important partner for Danish researchers and companies.
ICDK Outlook report: Shift of Korean Start-Up Ecosystem: Corporate Involvement in Entrepreneurship
Date of publication: Feb 09, 2018 A new report from Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) in Seoul looks into entrepreneurship in South Korea.
ICDK Outlook: International Opportunities for Danish Arctic Researchers
Date of publication: Jun 20, 2018 This report covers Arctic research interests within five strategic countries. The report provides an overview of areas of mutual interest for Arctic research cooperation and as an invitation to Danish researchers interested in strengthening their international relations within Arctic research.
Preliminary analysis: Introduction of FAIR data in Denmark
Date of publication: Mar 01, 2018 The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education has commissioned Oxford Research and Højbjerre Brauer Schultz to carry out a preliminary analysis of the potential for implementing FAIR data in Denmark.
Funding Guide 2018 for Sino-Danish researchers published
Date of publication: Mar 23, 2018 Innovation Centre Denmark Shanghai is proud to present the updated and seventh (2018) edition of the Funding Guide for Sino-Danish researchers.
Denmark - Ready to seize future opportunities
Date of publication: Apr 03, 2018 With the strategy ’Denmark - Ready to seize future opportunities’ the Government is outlining its objectives for future research and innovation.
It is time to look beyond Beijing for research funding
Date of publication: Mar 23, 2018 A new report from Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai provides new knowledge about the Chinese research funding system on local, regional, and national level. Furthermore, it provides you with useful insight in the application process