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Universities for the future

English translation of the DFiR report "Universities for the future: Twenty years of the University Act." In the report, the DFiR examines whether the framework conditions, management, and financial structures of the Danish universities are future-proof.

The Danish Education System

This publication provides an introduction to the Danish education system. Furthermore, it presents information about the Danish grading system, financing and education grants.

Danish Roadmap for Research Infrastructure 2020

The Danish Roadmap for Research Infrastructure presents 16 concrete proposals for new national research infrastructures and contains strategic objectives for the Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s work with research infrastructure.

Guidance in Education

The publication provides an overview of the Danish guidance system in the educational sector.

Work placements abroad - for employers 2020/2021

Apprentices in the Danish vocational education and training system can undertake training in a company abroad as part of their Danish vocational education programme (VET).

RESEARCH2025 - Summary

This publication provides an overview of the research topics identified in the RESEARCH2025 catalogue, which was published in june 2017.

World Class Knowledge

World-Class Knowledge is an analysis of the background for the high performance of Danish research carried out by the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy (DFiR) from 2014–2016.

RESEARCH2025 catalogue

RESEARCH2025 designates the promising research areas of the future as seen from business, organizations, ministries, knowledge institutions and a wide range of other stakeholders.

Demnark - South Korean Funding Guide 2018

Innovation Centre Denmark in Seoul has launched a new overview for 2018 which outlines funding opportunities for researchers with special interest in mobility or cooperation between Denmark and South Korea.

ICDK Outlook: International Opportunities for Danish Arctic Researchers

This report covers Arctic research interests within five strategic countries. The report provides an overview of areas of mutual interest for Arctic research cooperation and as an invitation to Danish researchers interested in strengthening their international relations within Arctic research.

Summary - VIVE

This report contains an overview of the literature on the technological development’s influence on the demand for labour with various competencies on the labour market of the future

It is time to look beyond Beijing for research funding

A new report from Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai provides new knowledge about the Chinese research funding system on local, regional, and national level. Furthermore, it provides you with useful insight in the application process

Proposals to Horizon 2020 – analysis of Evaluation Summary Reports

The report analyses 250 Evaluation Summary Reports for Danish proposals to Horizon 2020. The analysis have revealed six main challenges in applications that all received good evaluations but did not get sufficiently high scores to receive funding from Horizon 2020.

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