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Disposal of radioactive waste

The radioactive waste in Denmark stems from the decommissioning of nuclear research facilities at Risø National Laboratory and the use of nuclear radiation sources in research, industrial production and the health sector.

Denmark is working towards the implementation of a repository for nuclear and radioactive waste by 2073 at the latest. Until then, radioactive waste will be stored at Danish Decommissioning's facilities on the Risø locality on Zealand. Risø hosted Denmark's national laboratory of nuclear energy from 1957 until 2003 when it was decided to commence decommission of the nuclear facilities, including three research reactors and a hot cell unit.

In 2018, Danish Parliament adopted a resolution which outlined policy goals and activities of the Danish national programme to meet the need for a responsible and safe handling of nuclear and radioactive waste in accordance with Denmark's international obligations.

You can find further background information here:

Coordination and Communication with Stakeholders

The process towards a long term solution for nuclear and radioactive waste involves many different stakeholders. They are organised in three groups with specific roles and responsibilities in the process:




Information in English

The background reports regarding the repository studies and the storage studies can be consulted here:


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last modified February 27, 2020