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Danish clusters for knowledge and business 2021-2024

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Danish Board of Business Development are financing 13 national clusters within Denmarks strongest and most promising business and technology areas.

Cooperation between companies, knowledge and educational institutions and public organisations is a key driver for innovation, change and progress in all sectors and industries. The Danish national clusters play an import role by facilitating and promoting cooperation within the ecosystems in the strongest and most promising industries in Denmark.

In collaboration with the Danish Board of Business Development, The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has appointed 13 organizations as national clusters within their respective business and techology areas. The appointment of the national clusters is rooted in the cluster program "Innovation power: Danish clusters for knowledge and business 2021-2024".

The purpose of the cluster program is to strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of Danish companies, through cooperation on innovation and the transfer of knowledge between companies and knowledge institutions .

The core task of the clusters is to support activities that promote collaboration on innovation, including knowledge-based innovation, between companies and research and knowledge institutions, as well as other actors in their entire ecosystem. The cluster organizations strive to strengthen the overall ecosystem's ability to increase the companies' innovative power.

For more information about the Danish clusters, please see this link to the homepage of Cluster Excellence Denmark.


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