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Whom should be the target group for the innovation support system?

The Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy (DFiR) has given nine recommendations to improve the impact of the innovations support system by addressing those who have the capacity for innovation.

DFiR’s report shows, that enterprises benefit from having used the innovation support system in terms of growth in work productivity. The investigations also disclose new potentiel users whom may benefit from using the innovation support. It could be among knowledge-based enterprises that do not use the system already. It could also be among enterprises within industrial sectors of great importance to Danish economy, but which do not appear as innovation acitve, e.g. the sectors Construction and Agriculture, foresty and fisheries.

Read DFiR’s recommendations and report:


The report is based on a DFiR project that was launched by the end of 2017. The project builds upon results from a previous DFiR project on the structure of the innovation support system, cf. DFiR’s annual report 2016.  DFiR has through four steps disclosed who have been the target groups for the innovations support system, who have been using the system and who have not, and have the users been identical to the target groups. Finally, DFiR has also investigated the non-users reasons for not using the system.