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Below you will find the English-language contributions of the Danish Council for Research Policy to the science policy debate nationally and internationally.

Annual Report 2012

In the Annual Report 2012 the Danish Council for Research Policy centres on two themes:

  • Research-based education in the 'value-generating university'
  • Internationalisation of universities and Danish research

These themes have been the focus of the council's work in 2012.

The Annual report 2011

In 2011 the Danish Council for research Policy looked at the potential of the universities for generating more value to the benefit of society and science under the headline 'the value-generating university'.

Another key focus of the council in 2011 was research careers. In the report, the council argues that the career paths of researchers at universities must be carefully considered, and that the overall framework for career paths at universities must be attractive.

Hearing statement on the EU framework programme for research and innovation

The Danish Council for Research Policy submitted a hearing statement on the future EU framework programme for research and innovation in May 2011.


last modified May 09, 2023