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COST is an EU funded programme that supports the establishment of international researcher networks. The overall purpose of COST is to support cutting-edge scientific work that may lead to new concepts and new products.

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) contributes to the strengthening of European research and innovation capacities. Among others, COST networks aim to prepare participants for joining research projects under Horizon Europe.

Denmark has been a member of COST since the start of the initiative.

What does COST Support?

COST supports the establishment of and participation in international researcher networks. COST does not support the research activities as such, but the cooperation surrounding them along with the creation of networks.

COST covers costs for the following:

  • Establishment of researcher networks
  • Exchange visits or internships for researchers within their network
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Mutual use of research infrastructure
  • Travel and subsistence costs for researchers participating in meetings under a COST network.

A typical COST network has a duration of four years, consists of 24+ participants, and receives funding of approx. DKK 1 million a year. COST is funded through Horizon Europe.

Who can Participate?

Researchers affiliated with Danish research institutions and Danish businesses can participate in COST networks.

How to Participate?

Researchers from Danish institutions and Danish businesses can participate in ongoing networks or establish a new network.

There are three different levels of participation in COST networks:

1. Management Committee (MC) level. Generally, all COST networks are open to new participants.
2. The network’s Working Group (WG).
3. Activities (network activities).

Participation in Ongoing Networks or Establishment of New Networks

Read about the different options below:

Applications can be submitted at any time to the Agency for Higher Education and Science.


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last modified November 30, 2023