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Introduction to Research Infrastructures

The vision of the programme is to create better research infrastructure and better access to infrastructure such as laboratories and expensive facilities.

What is Funded?

The programme aims to: 

  • Provide access to all European researchers to research infrastructures existing in the individual Member States 
  • Coordinate the use of research infrastructures and avoid duplication of efforts  
  • Initiate best practice, develop interoperability of facilities and resources, and develop training for next generation of researchers  
  • Link national research communities
  • Help create resources, in order for the EU to be able to establish and manage infrastructure at a global level.

Calls and Deadlines

See calls and deadlines at:

Who can Apply?

The programme is open to institutions from the EU and associated states and researchers from around the world.

More Information about the Programme

Please find more information on:

Counselling on Horizon Europe

EuroCenter in The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science, along with the EU-DK Support network of EU advisors, offers counselling on Horizon Europe. The advisors can help you with the process all the way from project idea to the application and implementation of your project.

last modified Feb 03, 2022