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European XFEL – The European X-Ray Free Electron Laser Facility

Denmark is member of the European X-Ray Free Electron Laser Facility (European XFEL) in Hamburg, Germany, which is the most advanced and powerful X-ray laser in the world.

The operation of European XFEL in Hamburg, Germany, was started in the summer of 2017. Twelve countries, including Denmark, participate in the collaboration.

The value of Danish membership

Installation of quadrupole magnets in the photon tunnel, XTD2. Photo: European XFEL.
Installation of quadrupole magnets in the photon tunnel, XTD2. Photo: European XFEL.
Danish researchers at European XFEL will have unique access to a world-leading facility for research using powerful X-ray laser. Traditionally, Denmark has had a strong international position in the field of development and use of X-ray and synchrotron radiation. Therefore Danish researchers have from the start been involved in the XFEL-project.

Several different scientific fields are expected to use of the facility, including medicinal and pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, materials technology and nanotechnology, as well as sciences focusing on energy and electronics. For example, within the field of energy research, the facility’s X-ray radiation can be used to study processes occurring in solar cells in order to improve our understanding of photosynthesis.

Moreover, the membership brings industrial contracts to Denmark. In collaboration with a Danish company, Technical University of Denmark e.g. has received two in-kind contracts with a value of approx. DKK 39 million for the delivery, manufacturing and installation of one of the six beamlines, the Femtosecond X-ray Experiment (FXE), as well as components to the other six beamlines.

Danish contribution to the membership

Denmark contributes to the construction of European XFEL, with approx. DKK 100 million – the equivalent of roughly 1 per cent of the total construction costs. When the construction is completed, Denmark will contribute with 1 per cent of the operating costs.

DANSCATT - Instrument centre for Danish users of synchrotron and neutron sources and free-electron X-ray lasers organises the Danish users of XFELs.

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last modified December 07, 2021