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Denmark – China

The global centre for knowledge is moving – and it is heading for China. If Denmark is to maintain its competitive position in the global market of knowledge, a strengthened collaboration on knowledge must have the highest priority.

Within the last decade China has become a central player in the world of knowledge. With double digit growth rates, massive investment in research and innovation, and increasing numbers of universities placed among the best in the world, China is currently creating the foundation for a fundamental change in global knowledge circuit.

Memorandum of Understanding

In September 2007 the then Danish Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education and his Chinese Colleague signed a bilateral agreement (Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)) on research and innovation. The agreement created the foundation for closer collaboration within research and innovation, and covers prioritised academic fields where both Denmark and China benefit from an increased collaboration.

The Innovation Centre Denmark Shanghai

Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai is a cooperation between the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The purpose of the Innovation Centre is to strengthen Danish companies and research institutions' international collaboration and to contribute to ensure that Danish research and innovation is among the best in world.

The joint steering group

To ensure the best possible implementation of the bilateral cooperation agreement, a joint steering group has been established.

The steering group must monitor the development of the cooperation between Denmark and China and advise the two ministers on possibilities that can strengthen the collaboration between the two countries.

The steering group has replaced the former Danish-Chinese Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation which for some years was the platform for cooperation with China.

For copies of Memoradum of Understanding FI (Danmark)-ITC (Hong Kong) and Memoradum of Understanding Danmark-Kina please contact the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

last modified Oct 13, 2020