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Maritime education programmes

The maritime education institutions offer education programmes for the Danish merchant fleet and the fishing industry.

The maritime educations include educations as ship’s officer, shipmaster, marine and technical engineer, ship machinist, skipper, ship assistant, ship mechanics, commercial fisher and ship’s chef.

The education for ship’s officer and shipmaster at Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC) and marine and technical engineering are professional bachelor programmes.

The education for shipmaster at Marstal Navigation School, the education for skipper, the education for ship’s chef and the education for ship machinist are graduate programmes. The educations for ship assistant, skip mechanic and commercial fisher are basic courses.

The Agency for Higher Education cooperates with all parts of the Danish maritime commercial sector to improve the maritime educations, partly to meet the demands of the maritime sector and partly to fulfil the aim that the seamen are some of the best qualified in the global maritime workforce.  

last modified Mar 06, 2019