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Danish language, literature, and culture abroad

Established in 1937, the Danish Lecturer Scheme aims to promote awareness of Danish language, literature, and culture abroad by providing subsidies for the instruction of Danish at foreign universities.
Anne Marie Logue
Tlf.: +45 72 31 89 21
Charlotte Helene Rasmussen
Tlf.: +45 72 31 83 44

Over sixty universities outside Denmark currently offer Danish programs, followed by more than 2,000 students abroad. Twenty-five universities host visiting lecturers in Danish, whose positions are co-funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Visiting lectureships in Danish are established via a cooperation agreement with the ministry, which recruits candidates to vacant positions each spring. An advisory committee under the ministry, the Lectureship Committee, conducts interviews and recommends candidates for vacant positions to partner universities.

The Lectureship Committee is comprised of  five regional specialists, covering the Nordic-Baltic region, the Romance language region, the Anglophone region, the Germanic region, Asia and the Eastern and Central European region.





last modified Jul 13, 2020