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Pedagogue in Danish Primary School

Working as a pedagogue in Danish primary school on the basis of foreign qualifications

If you have professional qualifications enabling you to work as an educator in schools in the country where you qualified you can apply to the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science for recognition in order to work as a pedagogue in the Folkeskole (Danish municipal school).

A pedagogue of the Folkeskole conducts preschool classes and cooperates with a qualified school teacher to carry out specific teaching activities in grade 1 to 3.


You must fill in this form:


If the Agency recognises your qualification at once you will receive a letter saying that you may apply for pedagogue positions in the Danish Folkeskole.

In some cases, the Agency gives conditional approval. In order to obtain final approval you must then complete one the following compensation measures:

  • An aptitude test
  • An adaptation period of up to two years (this option only applies to EU and EEA citizens).

Once you have fulfilled the requirement, you must ask the Agency for final approval.

If you have no pedagogue qualification

If you do not have any professional qualification enabling you to work as an educator in schools you cannot obtain recognition as pedagogue in the Folkeskole. There are two training routes available in order to qualify as a pedagogue in the Folkeskole:

Other possibilities

You may apply for temporary jobs in the Folkeskole without any authorisation from the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.

Danish is the language of instruction in the Folkeskole.

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last modified May 01, 2024