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Horizon 2020

The research and innovation program Horizon 2020 with a budget of approx. 75 billion euro was replaced in 2021 by Horizon Europe with a budget of approx. 95 billion euros (current prices). This homepage is therefore primarily for participants in Horizon 2020-projects.
Horizon 2020

About the Horizon programs

In 2021 EU launched the new research and innovation program Horizon Europe. The Horizon 2020 page will therefore only contain information that may be relevant to grant recipients. If you are interested in applying for funding from Horizon Europe, you should visit the webpage about Horizon Europe.


Where are you in the Horizon 2020 Process?

The steps from project implementation to project completion:

Adress Aspects like Ethics and Impact in your project

Read about the issues at the European Commission's website:

Tools for Horizon 2020-participants

Vidoes and webinars about Horizon 2020

If you want to see dates and subjects for webinars in English about Horizon Europe then go to:

last modified Feb 08, 2023