Guide to diploma recognition

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You can have your diploma, degree or certificate assessed and recognised in various ways. The Danish Agency for Higher Education provides assessments of foreign qualifications. Please click below to learn more.

How do you plan to use your qualifications in Denmark?

  • Job search
  • You may find an assessment from the Danish Agency for Higher Education helpful when looking for a job.
  • Regulated professions
  • If you wish to practise a regulated profession in Denmark, you need an authorisation or similar recognition by the competent authority.
  • Pay grading
  • An assessment of your educational credentials may be useful for determining your pay grading.
  • Credit transfer
  • If you continue your studies, you may be able to transfer credit from studies you have already done.
  • Prior learning
  • If you have competences other than formal qualifications, validation of prior learning is possible within Danish adult education.
last modified Apr 13, 2016